Just a few random images of Superia...I don't think that name has been used before. I wonder why...I wasn't even thinking of a name for this character, it came to me as I was saving the file on my computer...just because I needed a name for it. I was gonna use "random" or "miscellaneous" or something, then I figured I'd want it a little more descriptive in case I ever had a file that was TRULY random. I said "hmmm...Superia! There ya go."

Anyhow, she came about as I was combining this cool bodybuilder bump map with my own vein displacemanet maps to see what it would come out like. I went with the default bodybuilder texture maps, which was a mistake. I don't like the skin color in the first few renders, so I'll probably tweak it until I get it JUST right...and then forget about this character.

The costume is really just some cylinders and toruses attatched to her body. I might do something with her much farther down the road, but my plate is QUITE full for now, thanks.