WTF!!! Fanart? Yup. This section will show images of various stages of creation of some fanart. The characters here are designed after characters created by Pumpmonger at Deviantart. I'll be trying my best to recreate the depictions of these characters as visualized by Jebriodo at Deviantart. This is a process that's definitely low-priority and I'm squeezing it in when I can. I have to create a bunch more stuff before any real images will come of it, but I thought it might be interesting for you all to see what kind of steps are involved in my creative process. =D

As always, seeing the characters come to life gives me ideas. There'll be a series of images in my Deviantart Gallery to tell a story of Red. Miscellaneous test images and scraps will be here, but I think the story will be exclusive to Deviantart unless something weird happens...:\