"Aaaaahhh! Kalla dentu kai! Kai!" Bellza screams at the top of her lungs. Her wailing increases in pitch and volume as does her strength. She doesn't even seem human to me anymore, but more like a towering sex goddess herself, so full of power and lust that I should be destroyed for being inside her.

Indeed if her hips become any more vivacious she might easily put an end to me, but the otherworldly ecstasy I feel would be worth death a thousand times over.

Bellza continues slamming onto me with the force of a bull. Each time her superbly shaped pelvis smashes into me it feels like another orgasm starting all over again, even before the previous orgasm ends.

My seed should have been ejaculated a dozen times by now, but still I feel my balls churning and throbbing, preparing a load that could fill a canyon. I can do nothing but give in and ride the turbulent river of ungoddessly pleasure.

I grab Bellza's specacular ass, using what miniscule male strength I have to assist in her labors. All the while my cock feels so swollen it might be as big as the universe.

"You like this, don't you, Pris'ner?" Bellza says, reverting to the tongue of this land amid her rabid panting and moaning.

If she expects me to be able to respond with words she is completely insane. So riddled is my frail little body with continuous climactic bursts I can barely halt my screams of joy enough to breathe in.

"Just you wait, little bastard!" she cusses, "I've only started fucking!"

Up and down she goes on my shaft, her unearthly fantastic pussy clenching and unclenching multiple times during each pump to capture and squeeze my swollen steely dick in the most erotic of spots.

I am so far past my threshold for pleasure I feel like I am adrift in a sea of Bellza's sensuality. Greater grows my bliss, and as I am filled further other perceptions are forced out. I do not take note of the walls or the floor beneath or the fire's heat. Bellza, the glorious breathtakingly beautiful amazon and the orgasmic tidal wave of sensations she forces on me are the only things my senses allow me to discern, and those are already far too much to handle.

Still her exertions escalate in intensity. Now she braces her feet on the floor and hammers her pelvis up and down on me. She shoves my cock so far up into her scintillating velvety womanhood it seems to be lost inside her.

"You little fucker!" she howls, "Oooh-AAAH! I'm going to fuck you until you fucking break in half, you puny fuck!"

The thought of her lovely plush lips emitting such foul degrading words intoxicates me just that much more.

She hugs my member so tightly, sucking powerfully with her vaginal muscles. Every motion now draws forth an orgasmic explosion, but still my semen will not erupt.

Even when Bellza's heavenly snatch snatches my whole body up off the floor in her furious labors my sperms stays where it is, building into a raging hot load in my scrotum. The anticipation is of such fervor I can feel it in the palms of my hands, in the soles of my feet, behind my very eyes. Everything I am is a persistent neverending orgasm.

Bellza, however, is still working up to hers. The goddesses' sexual fortitude is incredible. She is so obviously overcome with the magnitude of pleasure, it is almost unbearable for her as well.

And yet we continue to fuck.

"OOHHHH!!! You little motherfucker! You little fuck!" she babbles, barely able to make comprehensive though as ecstasy runs rampant through her magnificent, inhumanly powerful body.

"No!" she screams, seemingly incapable of withstanding any more pleasure.

"Yes!!!" she screams, unable to resist the sweet promise of even more.

I am of like mind, even though I am merely her plaything. My efforts to add to the sexual frenzy are for naught, as Bellza's conquering strength tosses me about, rendering me ineffectual except for the palpable throbbing of my iron rod. I pulsate every bit as furiously and powerfully inside her as she does around me.

Bellza stands, hoding me fast in the deliciously crushing embrace of her cunt. Her scream is so exotic I think she is finally coming herself, but no. She but remains still, battling it down with her incredible imposing power. She tenses up like a tight knot, hugging me even more snugly in her divine vagina.

My entire body is held suspended above the floor by my inconceivably hard dick and the implacable woman embracing it. My shrill shrieks of unreasonable delight rise to tangle with Bellza's as our genitals throb delectibly and helplessly against each other.

"Shamba blesses me with you, little fucker!" Bellza curses. She grabs my ankles so tightly in her enthusiasm the bones grind against each other. Simultaneously her pussy unclenches and I slip out of her.

"And I'm not yet done with you, weak bastard!" she says. "Your cock is like a shuddering mountain of man inside me, so gloriously firm and potent! So unliike a man, even one aroused as only Bellza can arouse a man!"

"I want to take your full measure, Pris'ner, you tiny fuck!" she reveals, "And I want not the slightest shred of pleasure to be missed!"

Exhausted as I am...and despite the hideous need of my manhood for release, I am excited beyond reason to attempt to meet her needs.