Alright, I'm not 100% on how I should format this area, so I might as well wing it. I want to let anyone who comes in here know right off the bat that I'm a very determined newbie when it comes to Poser. In fact, I don't even use Poser. I use Daz|Studio for all the images you see on the site.
BUT, most of the content is interchangeable between the two programs, thank goodness. I seem to have a knack for making what needs to be made for my images when I can't find the right content. I'd like to do more than just give stuff to budding artists, I'd like to share the things I've learned through my challenges.

For the time being, here you'll find a few objects I've been motivated to package into loadable cr2 files.

I have some morphs I'd like to share, but I'll need to do some research on how to convert them into files that stand on their own without taking up so much space. I'm using morph loader with Daz|Studio for all my custom morphs, so they're all in .obj format. For right now, I just want to get this page up and running.

What I'll be offering mostly on these pages will be second skin textures I've developed for my characters. Before you go "aw, great...crappy textures" let me continue.
You've seen the artwork. Most of the characters' outfits are second skins with displacement maps. Recently I've started adding specular maps and reflection maps as well. You don't see too many retailers using all these, but the fact is you can make tight-fitting clothing with second skin textures and maps that look just as realistic as an additional clothing character, and you'll never have to deal with poke-through.

Not only will I share my textures and show you how to apply them, I'll be writing tutorials on how to create them yourself, if you're so inclined.

I'm actually pretty damn good at them, if I do say so myself :D

For today...well let's see how much I can get done before the update WHILE continuing to pump out pictures AND write the captions AND prepare stuff for upcoming scenes AND update the site AND promote it.'s a good thing I love what I do.