This story is basically fun filler =D A spoof on good 'ol Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. It's a part-time project that should be small enough in file size for me to work on it on my laptop while my desktop is occupied with Queen Nadia!
Getting this story off the ground took a lot longer than expected. I came up with the concept a few weeks prior to it's start and figured it would be easy to get it going. NOT SO! I spent hours creating a cute little khaki outfit that absolutely looked like crap on the character because of her musculature. Running out of time for getting some pages posted when I had it in my mind they should be, I settled for a simple bikini outfit with great big boots. Still fun, but not what I envisioned. I'll have several episodes I believe, so now that it's started, I can get to work on trying to make the original outfit work =D
You can see the original outfit looking sharp on a skinny model in my Renderosity Gallery(link on main index page)in the picture entitled "Hellbeef."
Also working on developing my skills with bump and displacement maps. I've done some veins here and there, but this is the first time the main character in a story has them. I'll learn from this.
This story is in progress, so expect to hit a dead link at the end of the most current page!

This first image was my test for the Man Hunter's bikini outfit. Looks a lot different with no muscles!

More miscellaneous images =D