This character kinda popped out all on her own while I was doing some maintenance on my saved files. Don't ask...I could really go off on the subject...and I don't have the time for that!

I have plans for a very similar character in a future Prisoner story...but I don't think this is her. This is more of an exaggeration of the Manhunter character in a different setting, but I do enjoy her look. Makes me want to go in and clean up the morph...fix the odd dents in her legs and stuff.

Maybe one of these days. For now, she's still very impressive...

...and horny!

Update 10/13/08: WTF? I have no clue how she wound up getting her own story going. I was just finishing the first Manhunter episode and wondering what to do next. The Barbarian Slut was so fresh in my mind I decided to work on her vein map...then I started thinking about the other characters in those first few miscellaneous images and how they all got into that situation...what can I say? Inspiration is a motherfucker. I wanted to start something small and simple, instead I have this big outdoor setting with so many props and buildings floating around that Daz|Studio's 3Delight render engine blows up if I try to render the entire scene, and I'm starting out with a brand new unfamiliar comic-book format to boot.

Which means, peoples, progress will be slower for quite a while. However, I'll be making a conscious effort not to let any potentially cool images to slip by.

This means slower story progression, but I'll be banging out as many pictures as possible =D

12/02/08 - On this day I uploaded the last of Issue 1. Taking a break before issue 2...I don't know how long, but this will continue, contingent on my continued life, that is...