Here you'll find miscellaneous images, scrapbook items and test renders.

Yoko Zuna

Height: 8'
Weight: Oh, my God!

Nika is the sister of Queen Nadia. She's an American exchange student in Japan.
Aki Zuna

Aki is Yoko's little sister. She lacks Yoko's height, so tries her hardest to make up for it with sheer muscle mass.

Armand is some rich dude with an amazon fetish who schedules a sumo wrestling session with Yoko and gets more than he paid for!


The Nine Foot Wall

Character Tests

Clothing Tests
The first few test the morphs on the shoes for super-high heels. The last twelve are tests for a morphed tee-shirt with a variety of texture and transparencies (it's all the same shirt!)

Second Skin Tests
Painting second skins isn't too difficult for the most part as shown in the first two.
The next few with the spiked armband show how I was trying to use displacement maps to make a 3D effect from a 2D texture.
After some practice it wasn't difficult to create the outfit shown in the last four images.

Full Body Morph Tests
These just show the very slight difference that was made by HOURS and HOURS of tedious editing of Yoko's body in a 3D modeling program.
The Yoko on the left is the improved version whose body is a less jagged. I also added some definition to her back.
Was it worth it? I guess for the experience...

Alternate Angles of "Before the Yusho"
Just a few alternate views of an image posted in my Deviantart allery

Here's some fun stuff!

Sample images from different angles of the animations