This is the very first actual sequence of images I made that tells a story. Currently, it's more of a scene than a story.
Basically, it's about a massive female sumo wrestling champion who makes extra money by having private bouts with people. Things tend to happen during these exhibitions.
The last images I made for it show that it was leading up to more than just a sexual encounter between Yoko Zuna, the lady sumo, and her client/opponent. However, circumstances drew me away from the story.
It's always there to go back to!

The Miscellaneous section is jam-packed with all sorts of stuff. You can tell from the scene images that I was just developing a storytelling style. During this time I was also delving into the Daz|Studio software and tinkering with all sorts of stuff. Since the women I create are so outrageously proportioned, nobody makes clothes that will fit them...just like it would be in real life.
Much of the Miscellaneous section shows my efforts (sometimes failing) to get Yoko some clothes to wear!